Competition Hawk

The Competition Hawk was created with one thing in mind: throwing. This superbly balanced medium weight hawk combines the aerodynamic backside of a lighter tomahawk with a heavy blade tapered top and bottom for flight and sticking perfection. Winner of the hawk throwing competition at Riverton four years in a row, the COMPETITION HAWK is a precision target hawk with edge geometry designed to increase the chance of a “stick” by about 40 percent and consummate balance.
The current version (3rd Generation) was redesigned in 2003 with edge profile closer to the Warhawk with stronger edge tips.
Hatchet Features
6150 High-carbon steel
2Hawks iconic blued finish
Tapered “sticking” edges
19 inch (48 cm) Flamed grained, keel type, hickory handle
25 year Blade Warranty
Head Dimensions
Head Weight: 10.4oz
Head Length: 5 3/4in
Head Height: 3 1/2in
Head Width: 1 3/16in
Cutting Edge: 3 1/2in
Hammer Face: none
Tomahawks are hand-made and dimension will vary slightly


10 reviews for Competition Hawk

  1. Christopher Moore (verified owner)

    This is a review of my competition hawk after 5years of use. It still looks almost new. It stays on my pack and it gets use/thrown a lot. Blueing still looks good. Handle hasn’t broken and it’s still a superb hawk imho

  2. Earl

    I wanted to update my prior review with field testing. We took this hawk on a campout this spring. This is an indestructable tool. Over the trip, it was not sharpened: we cleaned 14 catfish in the 4-5 pound range; an armadillo; we cut our cookfire wood (live-oak!); dug into the sugar sand with the hawk to chop out the root knobs under tent; cut lots of rope to hang food; carved fishing spears. By the end of the trip, the blade wouldn’t quite shave, but would still slit open a catfish with zero effort. The edge was still aggressively toothy. It had not been sharpened since I got it last January, and it has seen plenty of use before this campout. To dress the edge again to shaving, a few strokes on a ceramic rod brought the edge right back to hair-popping. Don’t believe me? BUY ONE AND PROVE ME WRONG. This is a tool that great-grandkids will inherit.

  3. Bryan

    Beautiful hawk, I love the look and feel. It is a well balanced incredible piece of work. Thanks for a great product.

  4. Earl

    The grain structure of this steel is very toothy and does not wear down easily. Gave it a very fine narrow bevel, myself and two other friends chopped on red oak firewood for half an hour and it still shaved my arm. The edge still had that same toothiness it started out with. These fellows really know how to bake the steel. As light as this hawk is, it out-performs any heavier camp axe I’ve ever owned or used. I can’t believe the outstanding quality of this piece. You get what you pay for.

  5. Jeremy Psikal

    I love tomahawks. I found Two Hawks at a gun show booth and when I picked up my tomahawk I instantly knew I stumbled on to a high quality hawk. I have had this competition hawk for a year now and I am as happy with it as when I brought it home. We throw on a regular basis and the hawk has had some rough use but it still throws and sticks reliably. I have to soak the head Friday night before we throw all weekend so the head will be solid and tight . I have hit other knives and rocks and completely flattened the edge on a throwing star but a little attention with a stone or file and it is good to go. Its nice to find a product in which you get what you pay for.

  6. Bryce

    The craftsmanship is flawless from top to bottom. The materials are the highest quality and the overall fitt, finish, and feel are just outstanding! The edge retention is unbelievable as well. A great weapon and tool made with awesome attention to detail. Also just overall great business and customer service.

  7. Baldy

    Also a great piece of kit to have. Very sleek, yet strong. Great feel to it. Excellent hawk.

  8. Kim

    Excellent craftsmanship. The fit and finish are superb. Balance for throwing is excellent. This is the real deal.

  9. seth smith (verified owner)

    Top Quality Craftsmanship ! It came when I was informed it would come and definitely Worth the wait ! Its a pleasure to own a well crafted Tomahawk from someone that takes pride and passion in his work ! Its either a Woodsman or Longhunter next ! Thanks Devin !

  10. Shaun

    Beautiful product. I bought this item as a gift and it was very hard giving it away once it was in my hands. Would recommend and will be a return customer.

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