Three edged military hawk provides maximum cutting,damage and penetration capability, cutting its way into and out of whatever you can put it into or through! The Warbeast is my personal favorite hawk finding itself in each of my trucks, go bag, and room. One of my favorite uses is for butchering Hogs, Deer, Elk, Etc… I can do a full bone out in half the time it used to take! The three cutting edges are incredible when it comes to cutting through any part of the animal! When using a traditional hawk the first hit sinks in then gets stuck on the tendons, hide, or meat, not with The Warbeast! It smoothly cuts its way right back out!

The Warbeast weighs in at over 23oz with a 4” cutting edge 1.75” cutting edge on the top and bottom, made out of 6150 High carbon steel, with a 25 Year Warranty on the blade! I harden the cutting edge as well as the hammer poll to prevent damage regardless the abuse you put it through!

Tomahawk Features
6150 High-carbon, chromium steel
2Hawks iconic blued finish
4in blade
1.75in secondary blades
Hammer-polled head
19 inch (48 cm) Flamed grained, keel type, darkened hickory handle
25 Year blade warranty
Head Dimentions
Head Weight: 15.5oz
Head Length: 6.25in
Head Height: 4in
Head Width: 1.2in
Cutting Edge: 4in
Hammer Face: 1.25in x 0.9in
Tomahawks are handmade and dimension will vary
I’m Proud to offer and make these for our military brothers and sisters out there! I offer a 10% military discount.



17 reviews for Warbeast

  1. Jack H (verified owner)

    The Warbeast is a keeper! I have about 10 hawks but reach for this one 9 out of 10 times.

  2. Ron

    Just received my Warbeast, absolutely blow away, what a beautiful beast. Can’t wait to put it to work. Devin did an awesome job and treated me right. Appreciate the military discount. Sure it’ll be around to pass down to my son. Thank you Devin.

  3. Ron

    Just received my Warbeast and am absolutely blow away, what a beautiful beast. Can’t wait to put it to work. Devin treated me right, honors the service of the military. Don’t demand a discount but always welcome. Would have bought this anyway. Really impressed. Will update after use but I’m positive that it’ll stand up to the use and will be still going strong when I leave it to my son. Thank you Devin.

  4. Big O

    I just received my war beast from 2 Hawks of AZ. It is a master piece! It is something that I can hand down to my grand kids. It is a work of art. The ultimate zombie weapon Nuff said

  5. S.Garcia

    I just bought the Warbeast it is a true work of art. I recommend 2hawks to anybody looking for a high quality hawk. You must purchase the leather combo to it is of the same quality. Devin was excellent person to work with . He was prompt to answering my e-mails and very nice to talk to on the phone the service was great.
    Thank god we have people who still believe in quality over quantity. EXCELLENT PRODUCT.

  6. Scot S

    After owning the Warbeast for almost a year now I can say that this is the absolute best Hawk you could ever have. Great customer service, great craftsmanship, and an incredible tool. I have used it, abused and it keeps coming back for more. An occasional light coat of oil and it is ready to get back in the mix. I am getting ready to buy another hawk from Devin and can’t wait to receive/use it. The Military Discount is also a great example of their Customer Service…great job!!!

  7. M Ruth

    In a world where quality craftsmanship, honesty, and just good customer service are regrettably rare, it is a real pleasure to deal with a man who embodies these rarities. I purchased the Warbeast from 2hawks, and it is PRECISELY what I asked for, it was REASONABLY priced, and delivered EARLIER than promised. I cannot speak highly enough regarding the quality of both the product I purchased and the man who made this exceptional tool. In a time and culture where "American Made" is largely a joke, THIS is a quality AMERICAN product made by a man who embodies the industry, determination, ingenuity, and pride of our fathers. Well done sir and thank you again for such a high quality tool!

  8. iloveamericadarin

    I bought my Warbeast Tomahawk a couple years ago at a Gun & Knife show and I know I made the best choice in an all-around tool for any purpose necessary! There is no better Tomahawk that will be as durable or properly made as these are and, although the price is much higher than any other Tomahawk available the quality and balance make these the best Hawks on the market today!

  9. Jerry Cox

    I bought my hawk after meeting Devin and seeing his products at the KC gun show (when he still did them). I had used a hawk in the Army in the 70’s and knew how devastating a weapon they were. The proof was fast in coming. I shot a 200 pound whitetail doe a couple of weeks later. When time came to split the pelvis, out came the hawk. I was absolutely floored when I sheared completely through the pelvic bone with one stroke! I also was using an ulu to skin the carcass. When the ulu got dull, I used the hawk’s front edge to complete the skinning process effortlessly. Everyone of my friends that used it that season went to the next gun show and got one. If you are in the market for an honest, no-bullshit tool that will never fail you, take the time to figure out which one is right for YOU, and get it. You will never regret the investment decision to get one. Jerry Cox, St. Joseph, Missouri

  10. BIG JAKE


  11. Baldy

    Excellent piece of kit. Balance is near perfect, not too heavy, not too light. Three working edges gives it a unique feel and function for various field craft manipulations. The underside edge is correctly positioned to provide clearance for fingers when holding closer to the bit. Well done, thanks for doing what you do.

  12. Nathan Bauer (verified owner)

    I received my warbeast today in the mail. It is absolutely amazing. I also ordered a sheath and loop. The craftsmanship is second to none. Devin is a professional in everything he does. He always answered back to emails and was helpful in all my questions. It even came a little earlier than I was originally told. The warbeast is a work of art and no other hawks can compare to it. Thank you Devin for everything.

  13. Alejandro Flores

    Truly a work of art. Excellent workmanship. Excellent customer service. What more can one ask? Devin is the master of Robert Thalman’s original designs and it shows in the quality of his hawks. Word of caution, I recommend ordering the sheath because the edges are very sharp and will cut anything that accidentally brushes against it on your load gear, and will scratch the hell outta your long gun if you’re not careful. Thanks Devin for your commitment and diligence in producing the best hawk on the market. God bless you and yours in these troubled days.

  14. Johnny J Ont ,Canada

    Don’t expect a fast delivery these will take time to get. I received mine yesterday after a lengthy wait but boy it is worth it. Devin contacted me after a email I had sent him that it was still coming ( concerned it had got stuck at the border). This is a beautiful tool well crafted and comfortable in my hand . This will last me a lifetime and something my future grandchildren will probably be fighting over when I am long gone. Thanks Devin fo a exceptional product and be proud of what you can do. God bless John.

  15. Stephen, Ohio

    I purchased a Warbeast for my son who was returning home on leave while serving in Afghanistan. When my wife and opened the box, we were blown away. The quality is second to none! At my age, 55, I thought quality products were no longer made in this country. Boy was I wrong. The War Beast is built like a M-1 Abrams tank…..made for one thing….action! I am so thankful to have purchased this for my son, and have no regrets. I only wish I would have bought myself one years ago. Well done Devin, you are a master craftsman. Thank you for continuing the American spirit by building high quality hawks.

  16. Larry Roeske (verified owner)

    The Warbeast is my second hawk, the first being a Longhunter. To state it bluntly: these hawks are the real deal. If you want a showpiece, it would be the envy of your collection. If you want a working tool, 6150 steel is chisel and truck spring steel! All three edges are sharp enough to shave hair with and the finish everywhere else is like polished silk. Superb craftsmanship and choice of material. Lastly, Devin Price is a first class gentleman. I’m 62 years old and it’s been along time since I’ve been treated with the level of respect and courtesy that Devin gives. I truly feel blessed to be able to purchase such an extraordinary tool from such a fine man. If you’re looking to buy, you have my word, it’s worth the money.

  17. Christian

    Hello Devin!
    Finally found a moment, to drop some words about my Warbeast tomahawk, which I received from you 3rd of November 2016.
    This hawk is as much of a beauty, as it is a beast and the love and effort bringing it to life, can clearly be seen. It also came sharper than many of my high-quality knives and with a beautiful dark-coloured handle, just as i hoped! I will do my part now, taking good care of it. I also appreciate the personal greetings inside the included invoice/delivery note, a very nice personal touch! That being said, I’m very happy with my tomahawk and want to thank you for the precision and soul that you are putting into your work! All the best and God bless! Christian from Germany/Poland

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