The WOODSMAN is an ultra-light heavy-duty belt or pack axe designed for the folks who have to "make miles" the hard way. Trappers and packers love it! Comparison photo show blade length difference between the Woodsman (short) and Longhunter (long).

Tomahawk Features
6150 High-carbon, chromium steel
2Hawks iconic blued finish
2.75in blade
Hammer-polled head
14 inch (35.5 cm) Flamed grained, keel type, hickory handle

25 Year blade warranty

Head Dimentions
Head Weight: 9.8oz
Head Length: 5.25in
Head Height: 2.25in
Head Width: 1.2in
Cutting Edge: 2.375in
Hammer Face: 1.00in x 0.80in

Tomahawks are handmade and dimension will vary

Please note: This is not the Dave Canterbury "Pathfinder Scout Hawk". If you are looking for the Pathfinder Scout Hawk please see the Longhunter.


9 reviews for Woodsman

  1. Mac, TN

    I got a Woodsman several years ago, and absolutely loved it. They are as functional as they are aesthetic. Unfortunately, it was stolen out of my car recently. I am currently saving up for a new one.

  2. HUNTER, MT.

    Dear Devin,
    I have heard from many of my brothers in arms (I’m retired now) of various branches about your HAWKS for some time. I intend on ordering myself a WARBEAST, but have a boy turning 10 soon. So I ordered him a HAWK from you first. It arrived today. Being a man that appreciates a good gun, hawk or knife and a responsible father. I needed to make sure this would be a good tool for my son, so I took her out in this Montana winter and put her through the paces. I chopped ice, chopped trees, split wood, cut kindling, did a bit of skinning and quartering. I’m A BIG GUY AND I USED HER HARD…. I can honestly tell you that when I was done cleaning her up, to put back into the box to wrap up for my sons birthday gift, I am truly impressed. She looks just as good as the minute I took her out. What an incredible tool, weapon and gift you have sent me for my boy. I can tell you at 10yo, he will have many years of use for his HAWK. Thank You Devin

  3. Cliff, Or

    It took awhile to get the 2Hawks Woodsman. The tool is everything advertised, it is a nice light belt carry size tomahawk. The head is nicely finished and sharp. I bought the Woodsman to carry while hiking, not as a primary camp axe. Those days when a warming fire or light limbing is needed it will be an asset.

  4. Montana Mountain Man

    Had heard about your Hawks for years from my buddies in the military (I’m long retired). I use to always carry a hawk years ago. My boys birthday was coming up, so I ordered him one. When it arrived, I put it to the test. Went and chopped a good size hole in 9" of ice, chopped down a 10 inch ponderosa (it was only 5 degrees outside so it was like chopping oak), did some limbing with her….she just smiled through it all and kept on chopping. I cleaned her up and not even a small blemish did I see!!…she looked as new as when I had unwrapped her. I gave her to my son for his birthday and you couldn’t pry the grin off of his 10yo face!!…he loves that little Hawk and understands the value of a good tool. I just ordered my WARBEAST from you, I can’t get the grin off of my face either!. Devin, God bless your family. You are a man that serves your country and should be proud.



  5. Darryl D

    The Woodsman is my go to tool for detailed work and is the versatile tool in my pack. Its lightweight makes it unnoticeable and with a half dozen wedges this hawk is capable of performing task FAR above its weight class. If you are building a pack with specific task in mind, then it would be wise to consider this hawk!

  6. Ben, GA

    Picked one up from you guys in Tulsa just a couple weeks ago and I’m already putting it to good use hacking small tree limbs and pulling old barbed wire off fence posts. The blunt end works as well as any hammer and the overall craftsmanship is superb. These are the Randell Knives of tomahawks, but that doesn’t mean stick it on a shelf and look at it every now and again… It’s a great tool that’s better put to work.

  7. Ben, CO

    Had one of these for a couple years now. Changed the handle out for a longer one back before the long hunter style was available. Chopped through a dead 8 inch trunk with it on an over nighter. Took some time but considering the size I was happy I could do it if my knife and tomahawk where all I had. Great Little light weight tomahawk that’s helped me process several seasons of wood on the trail. Awesome for hammering my tent stacks in hard dirt. Very impressed with the craftsmanship. Ordered a Voyager recently and going to compare which one I like better for lighting weight back packing.

  8. Carey mcdonald

    Bought the woodsman for my hunting pack and bought a friend the Voyager…took awhile for the order but more than worth it. The craftsmanship is excellent the edge is sharper than I hoped ..I am more than impressed with the balance…great product I took 4 months researching which brand to buy and I am super happy with this hawk..buy one now gentleman !

  9. Baker

    I recently ordered 2 woodsmans and a voyager. A woodsman for my wife and one for me (the voyager was for the family’s camping box). I received them today and had to go try it out. The head of the hawk was expertly finished with a polished blued sheen. It was also razor sharp out of the box, literally shaved my arm hairs. After spending some hours chopping wood with ease, it remained sharp enough to shave some more. Thank you Devin for taking pride in your work, and thank you for taking care of vets with the prices.

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