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Devin Price was 10 years old when he made his first knife. Within a year, he was making knives and hand-forging tomahawks for sale.

At 13 years old, Devin purchased a tomahawk business from a renowned tomahawk maker in Montana — Bob Thalmann, also known as 2Hawks. In the years since, Devin has worked hard to carry on the legacy and quality of the original craftsman.

His hawks have been featured on the Discovery Channel and used by soldiers in combat, helicopter pilots, firefighters, SWAT members, and local law enforcement, among countless others.

From his Missouri farm, Devin is proud to be one of only a couple high-quality tomahawk makers in the United States. His hawks have also flown overseas to Scotland, Germany, Norway, Iraq, Europe and Africa, to name a few.

“My goal has always been to build a tool that will last a lifetime,” he says. “I want to make something people can pass down to their kids and grandkids.”


About 2hawks

The original

Maker of the finest precision working tomahawks in the world, Two Hawks (the late Robert Thalmann) lived and worked less than a mile upstream of an 1846 American Fur Company trading post on the upper Missouri River. His tomahawks were precision machined and ground, and honed on leather to a razor edge, in the cutler's shop behind his 1884 home in Fort Benton, Montana.


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