Trapper Hatchet (Double Bit)

Small size and weight but definately not a toy! 2Hawks double-bit Trapper Hatchet is light enough for the trek, but tough enough to clear the trail.

Add a leather sheath for $25 here.

Hatchet Features
6150 High-carbon steel
2Hawks iconic blued finish
14 inch (35.5 cm) Flamed grained, hickory handle
25 year Blade Warranty


Head Dimensions
Head Weight: 14.3oz
Head Length: 5in
Head Height: 2 3/8in
Head Width: 7/8in
Cutting Edge: 2 3/8in
Hammer Face: none


Tomahawks are handmade and dimension will vary


Also see the Single-bit Trapper.


3 reviews for Trapper Hatchet (Double Bit)

  1. Shane Gibbs

    Wow. What a great hatchet! First off, the head is almost too beautiful to use BUT once I got past the beauty factor, I put it to use. Perfectly weighted and balance for a wide variety of tasks. Did a little primitive camping and this tool proved to be worth it’s weight in gold. The handle seems to have been made for my paws. I did go ahead and buy the sheath and belt loop as well. The cow they got his leather from must’ve been HUGE as the leather is very thick and sturdy. I can see me and this hatchet are going to get along just fine for many years to come. Thanks 2Hawks!

  2. Mike B

    I can’t wait until mine arrives. I have held some of the hawks here near ft. Campbell. If the double bit is anything like the quality of the hawks, then I will welcome it on the next deployment.

  3. Jesse Sapp (verified owner)

    The is a masterfully crafted hatchet!! I purchased one as a gift for my Father and I’m not sure which of us is more impressed with this work of art. The handle couldn’t be any more comfortable or egronmicly correct. The hatchet head has great balance and is perfectly hung on it’s handle. Enough can’t be said about the fit and finish, this is my second hawk and both arrived looking just as flawless as the showcase pictures.

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