The VOYAGER is a heavy Hudson Bay canoe axe, precision made from modern steel to serve even better than its ancestors did in the 1700’s. Lends weight and versatility to your trek kit. This one is best used in camp for the serious cordwood.
Tomahawk Features
6150 High-carbon, chromium steel
2Hawks iconic blued finish
4in blade
Hammer-polled head
19 inch (48 cm) Flamed grained, keel type, hickory handle
25 Year blade warranty
Head Dimensions
Head Weight: 15.2oz
Head Length: 6.25in
Head Height: 4in
Head Width: 1.2in
Cutting Edge: 4in
Hammer Face: 1.25in x 0.9in
Tomahawks are handmade and dimension will vary


11 reviews for Voyager

  1. Nathan Wheet

    Wife bought me a Voyager for xmas a few years ago. This thing has been awesome, I’ve taken it in numerous hunting trips and it works well for cutting shooting lanes, chopping firewood, and brushing in blinds. It’ll always be in my pack from now on. Quality workmanship that I’m proud to carry with me

  2. Cameron

    I travel regularly in a 3 state area as part of my job and I had been looking for a "do everything" hawk for my "get home bag". With Christmas fast approaching I had yet to find a gift for close friend who is an outdoorsman. I called Devin at the last minute and he had 2 Voyagers ready to go, so I got to kill 2 birds with stone. The hawks arrived in 3 days. The metal work is nothing short of elegant. Seriously, the edges, the contours and transitions, the design and execution is quite frankly a work of industrial art! The Voyager is as sharp as my favorite KA-BAR, which means you could shave with it. I took it out in the woods yesterday and processed some kindling and a couple downed limbs and it preforms better than a hatchet. It is quicker, lighter, easier to control, more accurate and efficient than a hatchet.

  3. Jesse

    Absolutely amazing. Got mine last winter. I rarely write reviews but this is a product more than deserving. The passion put into these hawks is immediately apparent. Happy to support American made products; especially from my fellow Missourian! It was also an absolute pleasure doing business with Devin. Nobody likes terrible customer support and rude business owners when looking to give them your hard earned money. Not the case with 2hawks. Exceptional professionalism. If you’re in the market, there’s no reason not to buy from him and his team, but every reason to do it. I will likely purchase another, different style in the future. Awesome awesome awesome… Thank you everybody at 2hawks! Keep up the great work. A+


  4. lacy (verified owner)

    the tommy hawks are cool and I like them

  5. lacy

    like the hawks there cool

  6. Michael G.

    I was looking for a small hatchet on the internet. Then I found "2 Hawks" products. When I saw the "Voyager" that was it, I found my idea of the perfect small hatchet. The larger cutting edge is what sold me on the Voyager along with the size of the poll. Big enough for what I need, without being a "SLEDGE HAMMER HATCHET". Edge is shaving sharp. It has great balance and swings gripped from the end with ease. And you have plenty of room to choke up tight on the head and have the cutting edge where you want it and easy to control, or anywhere in between. The design of the head is a work of art and function! Leather edge cover is made from heavy leather with a middle layer to protect the stitching from the edge and fits like a glove. But this tool cry’s out to go to work! Perfect job 2 Hawks!!! Thanks for a great, hand made in USA product. Looking forward to much chopping with it. { Keep the "SON" in your eye’s!!! }

  7. TBK

    I had been looking at these hawks for 3 years and held them at the Blade Show each year, just couldn’t decide which model because they are all outstanding. I finally decided on the Voyager and the family got tired of hearing about it so they got it for me as a Fathers Day gift, great kids right. There have reviews saying the sheath is not good quality but i do not see that. The stitching is great and the snap is very tight, and good quality leather. Now for the Hawk it’s self, it is a piece of art, it is a shame to use it. But it is a tool and it preforms very well, it has handled every task I have asked it to do with no problem. You may be turned off by the prices since you can go and pick up a commercial hawk for $40 but these are hand crafted and every detail on this Hawk has been looked at by a human not spit out by a machine. This will not be may last Hawk from him I just have to decide on which on is next.

  8. Crandall

    Picked up mine at the 2013 Blade Show in Atlanta. Probably the best hammer-polled Tomahawk in this price range. I use it at least one a week busting up pallets at my job. Quality materials and excellent attention to detail. Devin and his crew at Blade show were humble and grounded, and I feel good supporting american business. Keep up the great work y’all!

  9. John G (verified owner)

    I ordered one of these to take hunting with me in 2017, and received it in time for deer season. After unwrapping it I instantly found myself outside processing some dried oak with it. This thing is gorgeous and wicked sharp out of the box, and has exceeded my performance expectations as a woods tool. It has seen 2 deer seasons and has taken on a little bit of a patina, but is still a beautiful piece of outdoor kit. The bluing is holding up well, but has tinged a bit with use, and have only had to touch up the blade for some minor but normal maintenance. I will be purchasing a long hunter very soon for backpacking next summer. Thanks Devin

  10. Josh (verified owner)

    I purchased the Voyager as an X-mas gift for my father. As usual I was late to the shopping scene but Devin worked with me to make sure I received the order by Christmas (Customer service experience 5 stars). I received the tomahawk a few days later and am still smiling. If you want an honest piece of quality American craftsmanship, stop looking, you found it. The fit/ finish of the hawk, handle, and leather sheath are superb.( 5 stars!) Truly a functional work of art.

  11. Rob

    I bought this tomahawk 2 years ago. I absolutely love it. I carry it in my pack when I’m out on backpacking trips. To say it is well made is an understatement. All my friends are jealous because it’s an amazing tool to have on our trips. I would highly recommend the Voyager and I have every intention of adding a few more 2 Hawks products to my collection of outdoor gear. If you’re on the fence about buying one, rest assured, you will not regret this purchase.

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