The LONGHUNTER is our medium-weight hammer-polled hawk. The Longhunter’s blade and handle are longer than the Woodsman (see comparison photo) yet more portable than Voyager. It is still light enough to pack on the belt, but has enough weight for hard hitting chores.
This tomahawk is also licenced as the “Pathfinder Scout Hawk” sold by Dave Canterbury a well known wilderness survival instructor and TV host.
Tomahawk Features
6150 High-carbon, chromium steel
2Hawks iconic blued finish
2.75in blade
Hammer-polled head
19 inch (48 cm) Flamed grained, keel type, hickory handle
25 Year blade warranty
Head Dimentions
Head Weight: 11.1oz
Head Length: 5.75in
Head Height: 2.50in
Head Width: 1.2in
Cutting Edge: 2.75in
Hammer Face: 1.00in x 0.80in
Tomahawks are handmade and dimension will vary


17 reviews for Longhunter

  1. Joel

    also on a side note the fact that he’s not following the growing trend for spike hawkes (a real pet hate of mine as there more dangerous to the person holding the hawk than the door or person it’s intended to go thru) The majority of the hawks they make are either single bit or my preferred hammer poll (have you seen how much damage you can do with hammer with no risk of the spike to you ) As they always seem to have balance much better in any brand than single edge or spike hawks and much much much more useful out when camping than a spike ever could be (if you need a breeching tool then use a breeching tool) so the fact that the catalog has only got one spike hawk showes to me anyway that this guy really understands what it takes to make a good working usable tomahawk….

  2. Joel

    Not really a review but had to talk about just how high a standard these hawks are made to … I ordered two hawks from two hawks (sorry couldn’t resist) ….both the long hunter and the war hawk. I’v been a collecter of custom and production hawks for awhile now only buying working tools no wall hangers I haven’t got a massive collection about twenty or so and have also had the chance to look over and hold a few more …. And I can very happily say these axes made by Devin price are some of the finest feeling and finnished I have ever had the pleasure of using or owning and are real favourits in my collection so much so Iv just ordered another 2 hawks from 2 hawks !!

  3. Larry

    When you buy something "handmade" you expect: thoughtful design, select materials, and superior craftsmanship. The Longhunter tomahawk defines "handmade" and is offered by a true gentleman, Devin Price. I am more than pleased to recommend this item to anyone in the market for a light, fast, well built, and sharp tomahawk. I sincerely hope the business prospers and the products are on the market for many years to come.

  4. Jake, NY

    You do not know what perfect is, until you hold a 2 Hawks. The Long Hunter is the best hawk ever made. Light,fast,and sharp. Top quality fit and finish. Even the simple sheath and belt loop designs are the perfect accessory for the hawk. Customer for life. Thanks for making me happier than a pig in sh!t.

  5. jezza

    It is a truly beautiful piece of equipment. The craftsmanship and finish is without peer.

    In use it is very good for light tasks and for fine cutting. Not for splitting logs as it is not at all heavy. As a belt carried axe it is hardly noticeable. The sheath and carry loop are very solid leather.

    I’m delighted.

  6. Dan H.

    I recieved my hawk a few days ago and I must say WOW what a beautiful piece of craftsmanship!!! This hawk is everything I hoped it would be. It delivered razor sharp ready to be used. It is the perfect size for my backpack and the handle is a very nice strong quality piece of hardwood. Thanks Devin and team you guys should be very proud of the product you create and deliver the wait was very worth it. God has truly given you a gift thank you for sharing it with me. God Bless

  7. Adam

    As a birthday present in early October, my friend ordered me a Longhunter. It arrived close to Christmas and it was completely worth the wait. Fit and finish are absolutely amazing, and came knife sharp. I almost didn’t want to take it out in the woods to use it. As I expected, the hawk performs perfectly. It’s lightweight enough to pack along but large enough to do camp chores with. It has become a necessary piece of outdoor equipment for me.

  8. Matt

    Bought mine over 2 years ago, love the thing, I abused the crap out of it. Things that one shouldn’t do to a tool. It kept up and was extremely easy to put a edge back on it. The quality and craftsmanship is second to none.
    I will be purchasing more products from 2hawks!

  9. Tom

    I have had my longhunter for a year now. It is a true piece of art. It can take a lot of abuse. Makes great feather sticks, and is a solid performer with camp chores. I am thinking about buying another so that I have one in each vehicle.

  10. Notajerryskid

    This Hawk Surpases everything I thought it would be. I was looking for something to use on backpacking trips and camping. I found eveything I was looking for in this. Thank you guys for producing such a great hawk.

  11. David Ledford

    I love a true craftsman who won’t sell anything he would not keep for himself and I received hawk today that I am sure he wanted to keep . A piece of art for sure thank u .

  12. Eli Tubin

    Just received a Longhunter I purchased for a friend. We both ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I will be purchasing my own very soon. Excellent customer service as well.

  13. Dan

    This is a great working hawk. I have had mine for over 2 years and throw on a regular basis. I have 3 extra handles and have yet to need them. Take your time and practice at a known distance and these handles will last a very long time.

  14. Austin DeLaRosa

    Purchased this fantastic item at the Indy 1500 show in October 2013. Absolutely wonderful craftsmanship, and a pleasure to speak with Devin and his wife. Thank you for the company and for a truly wonderful product.

    May God bless both you and your company!

  15. TomahawkPunk

    Have had this tomahawk since winter 2011. Brought it with me to a survival school in NW Washington, in the heart of the rain forest. Now I’m back home in western Montana and have processed tons of wood with it. It’s a great companion with a small knife for getting fires going. Holds a great edge and doesn’t rust easily. The handle is long enough for 2 hand chopping when needing the extra force. Since I got this, will always carry a hawk with me in the backcountry.

  16. Huy Ngo (verified owner)

    I ordered a longhunter with the leather sheath and belt holster as a gift for my brother! He loves the awesome crafstmanship! Everything from the leather, head, and handle are absolutely stunning and breathtaking. He’s looking forward to putting it to work! Thanks! I may have to order a couple for myself!

  17. Kevin Mullally (verified owner)

    Ten miles from any roads deep in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area arrowed a big 6×6 bull. In my pack was a Longhunter. What a tool when quartering an elk! Only problem was keeping the packers from making off with it. A real masterpiece of form and function. Your going to be busy Devin, as the Longhunter put all other tools to shame.

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