Designed to pack along in the woods, the Scatchet is uniquely threaded to fit any sapling or branch for use as a handle. Can be used as a hammer, skinner, and features a gut-hook on the back of the blade.
Made of 6150 high-carbon steel, oil hardened and tempered. Each Scatchet comes with a custom fitting, hand sewn, leather sheath.


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  1. Allen Eriksen

    I had one of these years ago when my ex wife’s uncle gave me one. It’ll go through bone, unzip a hide, and dress a deer faster than if the deer had a zipper! I lost my scatchet a long time ago, and thought I would never be able to replace it. Every so often, I would google to see if I would ever run across one for sale on Ebay, but no luck. Thankfully, I ran across this site. I know what I’m ordering my brother-in-law and the rest of my family this Christmas!

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