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Tomahawk Handle

A beautiful flamed grained, keel type, hickory handle fit for our tomahawks. This handle is an identical replacement for the Hickory handle that ships with our hawks. Price is for one handle, and is discounted automatically for orders of 5 or more. We are not able to offer the 550 paracord wrap, because it must be applied after the handle is installed. If you need a handle replaced with a wrap you will have to send in the hawk; please give us a call or email.

Handles are natural wood and size will vary slightly.


Size Options

small (14 inches, 35.5 cm) – Woodsman

large (19 inches, 48 cm) – Warbeast, Voyager, Warhawk, Competition, Longhunter (Pathfinder)


Does not fit our “Trapper” Hatchets


1 review for Tomahawk Handle

  1. iloveamericadarin

    I Love the choice and investment I made in my Tomahawk made by 2 Hawks! I haven’t bought the newer hickory handle with the para-cord wrap but the handle dimensions & design are al the same so I’m sure it’s fine! The quality of the Hawk’s head is second to none but, the handle is just as important! Hickory is the correct choice of wood to make a proper Tomahawk handle & I have yet to have any trouble with my handle but, I do recommend having on hand at least 1 or 2 handles in case it fails? If you’re going out on a woods trek or hike, camping with family & friends, hunting for fun/food/survival or having on hand an emergency preparedness tool, have extra handles around to ensure you can fully utilize the Hawk of your choice for any endeavor!

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